Holy Well Tobernalt


Central to the spiritual significance of Tobernalt are its healing waters.  Pilgrims have long believed in the miraculous properties of these waters, attributing them with the power to heal ailments, both physical and spiritual. Many visitors collect the water in bottles, believing in its restorative properties. The act of submerging oneself or drinking from the Holy Well is often seen as a profound gesture of faith and hope.

Mass Rock

The tradition of Mass is embedded in stone at Tobernalt in the form of the Mass Rock which takes centre place at the well.  Tradition has it that you can locate the fingerprints of St Patrick in one of the altar stones of the Mass Rock.  It is not beyond belief that this special stone may have been the wishing stone at which the Celtic ritual of circling the well terminated and which was later incorporated into the Mass Rock.  Today’s tradition is that pilgrims who place their hand in St Patrick’s fingerprints will have their prayers answered.  There is also a curvature in this special stone, and when pilgrims ease their backs into it and pray, they can hope to get relief from back ailments.

The Mass Rock and its surrounds were damaged by a large falling tree during a storm in 1957.  Fr Egan lead the repair team who was made up of volunteers from the parish and Sligo town.  Over a thousand people attended the blessing ceremony for the repaired shrine in August of that year.  The shrine was blessed by the Bishop of Elphin, Rev Hanley.

Mass Rock at Tobernalt
Crucifix at Tobernalt

Crucifixion Scene & Stations of the Cross

At the heart of Tobernalt, a poignant and awe-inspiring life-size crucifixion scene unfolds. Crafted with meticulous detail, this scene invites contemplation and reflection. Surrounded by the serene ambiance of the Holy Well, the crucifixion scene becomes a focal point for pilgrims, evoking deep emotions and spiritual connection. As you stand before this powerful depiction, you are invited to meditate on the profound sacrifice and boundless love it represents.

Througout Tobernalt are small white crosses which mark the stations of the cross.


Throughout Tobernalt, you will encounter a series of intricately designed shrines, each dedicated to a specific saint or aspect of spirituality. These shrines serve as focal points for prayer and veneration, where pilgrims offer their intentions and seek intercession. Adorned with candles, flowers, and tokens of devotion, the shrines create a sacred atmosphere, inviting visitors to pause, reflect, and offer their own prayers.

St Anne Shrine at Tobernalt
Silhouette Photography of Hanging Rosary


At Tobernalt you will find Rosary stones representing each mystery of the Rosary. The Rosary is made up of twenty “mysteries” (significant events or moments in the life of Jesus and Mary).

  • The Joyful Mysteries – Mon/Sat
  • The Luminous Mysteries – Thur
  • The Sorrowful mysteries – Tue/Fri
  • The Glorious mysteries – Wed/Sun