Ancient Place of Pilgrimage

Tobernalt (tobar na nAlt, or ‘well of the cliff’) is an ancient well, located on the outskirts of St John’s Parish in Aughamore Near.  It is an outdoor church which conserves an ancient past and embodies a Christian heritage.  Its soil has been made holy by the tens of thousands of pilgrims who have come here in pilgrimage, prayer and reflection since early Christian times.

The well is a natural spring that formed within a primeval forest.  The spring issues from beneath a cliff face in a wooded grove near the shore of nearby Lough Gill.  Waters flow from the well to the south west corner of the lake. 

The Holy Well is maintained by local parishioners, who generously give their time and energy to its upkeep.  Today pilgrims come to visit from as far afield as Europe, the United States, China and Japan.  Groups gather throughout the year to celebrate the Mass, to pray, and to spend time at this sacred shrine. 

The Holy Well is nature’s greatest gift to the people of Sligo and the Diocese of Elphin.

Fr Jim Murray