Pilgrim walk softly, this is holy ground.

It has been made holy by the feet of generations


Welcome to Tobernalt, Holy Well, Sligo; where faith and tradition meets peace and tranquillity.  Tobernalt awaits a haven for all who seek solace and inspiration in its waters.  Together, let’s celebrate the enduring legacy of Tobernalt and the boundless faith it represents.

Tobernalt is a sacred Christian site and arguably the finest Holy Well in Ireland.  Situated near the shores of Lough Gill, it’s a spiritual oasis that stands as a testament to the spiritual heritage of Sligo and its people.

This Holy Well is steeped in centuries-old tradition which calls us to embark on a journey of reflection and prayer.  At Tobernalt, we invite you to explore the spiritual and natural wonders of this holy well with its tranquil atmosphere, lush surroundings and profound spiritual significance.

Fr Jim Murray

Garland Weekend 2024

Friday, 26th July
10.00 a.m. Morning Mass in Carraroe Church – United in Prayer
Private pilgrimage in preparation for the Weekend

Saturday, 27th July
6:30 p.m. Confessions
7.00 p.m. Evening Mass (including Baptism)

Sunday, 28th July
4.45 a.m. Camino walk starting at St Anne’s Church in Sligo to the Holy Well – arriving at Tobernalt at 6.00 a.m.
6.00 a.m. Dawn Mass – Sacred Religious History
10.00 a.m. Morning Mass – Remembering Our Deceased, family, relatives and friends
12.00 Midday Mass – Healing through Prayer 

Note: There will be no mass in Carraroe Church on Saturday, 27th July or Sunday, 28th July.

Plan Your Visit

Come and experience the sanctity of Tobernalt for yourself. We invite you to join us in this journey of spirituality and exploration. Take a moment to pause, meditate, and connect with the essence of this hallowed ground.

About Tobernalt

A Place of Pilgrimage

For generations, Tobernalt has been a destination for pilgrims seeking refuge, solace and healing.  The well has many cures associated with it which draw visitors from near and far.  People come here to pray, reflect, and immerse themselves in the soothing atmosphere, making it a cherished pilgrimage site. 

Preserving Tradition and Embracing Community

At Tobernalt, we take pride in preserving the rich heritage of our parish.  Garland Sunday is celebrated at the well the last Sunday of July, as a way to honour the traditions of our ancestors while welcoming visitors from all walks of life.  Whether you’re a devout pilgrim, a history enthusiast or a nature lover, Tobernalt offers something unique for everyone.

St John’s Parish

This historical site is cared for and maintained by the catholic parish of St John’s, Carraroe, Co Sligo.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have questions, comments or stories about Tobernalt and how it has touched your life, we would love to hear from you.  Email us at carraroe@holywellsligo.com or phone 071-9162136 (or +353-71-9162136 if calling from outside Ireland).